Retrofitting for Senior Living

Home Improvement to Age-in-Place

Age at HomeOoommee Home Improvement is experienced in adapting homes so older people who have less mobility and diminishing abilities are able to be comfortable and safe in their homes.

People today live longer than any previous generation. Many choose to continue to live in their home and would prefer not to move to a retirement community or a nursing home. To make this possible the home often needs to be retrofitted for the way that the residents will be living now and into the future. Some of the changes that will be necessary can be very minor, such as hand rails, others can be more substantial, such as creating a step free entrance.

Universal Design is a for having a home that is easy for people with different abilities to be in, whether as a guest or as a resident.

Here are some of the recommended features of such a home. Ooommee Home Improvement can make these changes to a home.

  • Replace door knobs and faucets with levers that are easier to use.
  • Replace toggle light switches with lit rockers.
  • Remove trip points such as door thresholds and area rugs.
  • Make floors slip resistant.
  • Make  halls and staircases  well lit and stair edges are well defined.
  • Entry ways well lit. Add ‘task’ lights throughout where needed.
  • Add secure handrails on stairs, in hall ways, in the bathroom
  • Widen doors and halls for a walker and/or wheelchair.
  • Ramps  installed.
  • Kitchens remodeled with multilevel counters and sink. Space beneath counter opened so the cook can sit.  Lower kitchen cabinet. Side by side refrigerator / freezer
  • Bathroom remodeled with seats in showers, higher toilet, grab bars, lower sink and cabinets, and new fixtures ( a single-handled faucet gives better control and reduces the risk of being scalded from hot water, a handheld shower head may be easier to use than a fixed shower head.)
  • Light switches, electrical outlets, and thermostats made reachable for a person in a wheelchair.
  • Install washer, dryer, and dishwashers that are front loading and side by side.
  • Windows that are easy to open from a seated position.
  • Closets widened and clothes racks lowered.

To enable the resident to live on one floor may require rearranging the way that the house is laid out. A dining room and living room may need to become a bedroom and entertainment room.

If the Universal Design principles are incorporated into the home, it will make it more secure, safe and comfortable while just as attractive.

It will make it possible to age at home, which is less expensive and more satisfying for many people.

Ooommee Home Improvement is available for a free consultation and quote on making your home suitable for aging and living in.

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