Adding Home Value

house-selling-graphicHome improvement adds to the value of your house and the quality of your life.

Long Island New York extends from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, over looking New York harbor, to “The End” at Montauk.  Most of the private homes in this region were built in the last century and are due a home improvement; one that will increase the worth of the property and improve the quality of life of the residents.

If a home does not have modern features it is not only unappealing when it is put on the market, but it is also a home that is not as beautiful, comfortable, efficient and safe as it could be for the people who live there now. For people who intend to age-in-place, making home modifications may be a necessity.

Home Improvement ROI – Return On Investment

There are studies that show that when improvements are made to a property there can be a healthy return on that investment when the property if sold. According to one recent report the top returns on investment are for installing vinyl siding, replacing old widows with either new wood or vinyl windows, doing a minor kitchen remodeling , bathroom remodeling, adding a second floor, converting an attic into a bedroom, remodeling a basement and having a deck addition.  Painting and other cosmetic upgrades will also add to a property’s value.

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